it through the most beautiful images of the formal dresses

چهارشنبه 26 دی 1397

We have seen her wedding dresses parading the audience in the most important international catwalks and sanctioning the diktat of the 2018 wedding dress proposals. Today we return to talk about the Atelier Emé fashion house in a gallery once again dedicated to the female universe. This time we talk about fashion for wedding guests and we do it through the most beautiful images of the formal dresses taken from the 2018 collection.

Oriental inspirations for women by Atelier Emé

A clear, clear and well-defined starting point. The Orient in its forms, textures and contrasts. A reference not taken for granted to a culture, a philosophy, a way of interpreting fashion and feminine sensuality that open the doors to a much larger universe than a simple ceremony collection.

Sophisticated and whispered elegance that, in some models prom dresses websites, becomes much more palpable in its references to the Orient Express so as to be closer and closer to the beauty of geisha, so refined and ethereal in these proposals for women's formal dresses rich in fine prints and not trivial. But let's see everything in the details!
Pastel nuances and bold colors
The colors are one of the predominant components of this new collection by Atelier Emé. The nuances range in a well-varied color palette where you can find spring calls or more strong and decisive combinations, perfect for evening outfits. Among the colors inspired by Japan, pink, blue and yellow predominate, all in soft colors but there are also references to the most classic tones, perfect on models of ceremonial dresses for big sizes, such as royal blue, deep red mother of the bride gowns 2019, bordeaux and jade green. Definitely glamorous models in total black, in two-tone lace or in nude effect that we find on the most unusual and daring dresses.

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like a change to the wedding dress that we thought

جمعه 21 دی 1397

A month from the wedding, among the thousand preparations, we can miss something, like a change to the wedding dress that we thought we had communicated to the atelier or that some of our loved ones did not receive the wedding that we were almost certain to have sent. To help you manage everything correctly we made a checklist of things to keep under control, especially one month from the Yes: from the invitations, the wedding bouquet, the small details for the ceremony and the reception bride mother dress, to wedding favors!
1. Outfit
At the top of our ranking there can not be but the outfit. For both parties this is a very delicate phase, which is why it is good to dedicate all due care, the bride to her dress and the groom to his men's formal dress; make sure that the changes you have ordered have been completed and that you have all the accessories to add to your wedding look.

In order to adapt to the shape of your foot, do not forget to wear elegant shoes for the big day for a few hours, in this way you will be sure you do not have bad jokes.

2. Make up & Hairstyle
The month before the "yes, I want it" is the decisive one for the choice of make up and hairstyle. Unless you have opted for a do-it-yourself wedding make-up cheap short prom dresses, do the necessary tests with an expert in the field who can advise you according to your complexion a natural bridal make-up or a make-up with intense nuances.

Have you already chosen it? If you are thinking about an elegant semi-gathered hairstyle, a chignon, or you do not have the faintest idea yet, fix a series of appointments with your trusted hair stylist as soon as possible; thanks to your advice you will be able to make the best choice in a short time.

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the hairstyle did not have much to do with the wedding dress

چهارشنبه 19 دی 1397

The world of wedding hairstyles is all to be discovered. Browse through millions of print and online magazines, spend days looking for photos that inspire you on various social networks but you may never find the one that really convinces you, because doubts could assail you: and if you add a crown of flowers to my wedding hairstyle for curly hair what would be the final result?

And if at the end of the game the hairstyle did not have much to do with the wedding dress? These are completely normal questions, but you must find out what your needs and your main characteristics are before all. Only if you feel comfortable (because like all the elements of the outfit, you have to get along with your personality) then you can make the right choice. Do you want an extra help? Try our test!

What do you think of the result? Was it consistent as you were hoping for? Your style is unique and unrepeatable; on their wedding day everyone will be able to see it because every detail you wear will talk about you. There are those who opt for a pair of sparkling wedding shoes and give a more powerful character to their simple wedding dress, or who decides to wear a dress that has very special embroideries, others decide to focus on the hairstyle. One thing is certain: always be true to yourself and respect your personal taste without being excessively influenced from the outside.

A different dress based on location wedding mermaid dresses, physicality, but above all that fully reflects your look and is able to make you celebrate the wedding expressing the best of you. Do not forget to adapt your outfit according to any requests of the couple specified on the wedding invitations. Finally, remember to take a look at our bridal catalog to discover the entire collection of formal dresses Sophie et Voilà 2019. And speaking of outfits navy blue bridesmaids dress, you have already taken a look to buy formal shoes in line with your dress ?

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you back to the choice of your wonderful lace wedding dress

جمعه 14 دی 1397

Do you remember all the crazy things done for love? Maybe at the beginning of the knowledge you did not even imagine that one day you would meet at the altar with the wedding dress of dreams, but today you are here and you have chosen to take you by hand, despite the bickering on wedding favors or number of wedding invitations to be sent to all relatives. In this article we try to brush up some romance with the 10 behaviors you have when you are really in love.
1. Smile without a real reason
Dreamy air, a wandering look and a stupid smile on her face. It will be difficult to realize this but many will point out to you and it will be exactly like this at the beginning of your love story fall mother of the bride dresses 2019, when the idyll is skyrocketing and this expression will accompany you on your days. Maybe you'll be at the university desks, on the meeting room desk or on the street. A similar occasion in which you will re-propose this look will be when the mind will bring you back to the choice of your wonderful lace wedding dress.
2. Challenging the laws of nature through madness of love

In love, crazy things are really a must have for couples. The extent of madness can vary: from long car journeys a whole night dresses for the wedding party, just to have breakfast together the next morning (a classic example for couples who live their love at a distance); up to the acrobatic follies like the angel's flight, parachuting or a survivor camping to satisfy a hidden desire of your partner.

3. Read and reread your messages continuously
The poetic messages are inevitable in every respectful couple but the fact of reading and rereading them continuously is part of the most advanced stage of falling in love.

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the embroidery of the wedding dress in lace or on the necklaces

جمعه 7 دی 1397

In the collective imagination, brides are ethereal and angelic so for the jewelry question it's a bit like for bridal make-up: it's better to keep the minimal and chic variations. In this rich choice of light, the necessary elements to keep under control in order not to make mistakes are: the wedding dress yellow and black bridesmaid dresses, in the model, in the details and in the neckline; the hairstyle marries and with it the conformation of the face. Everything else depends on you: tradition or eccentricity?
Precious jewels at the neck of a woman
On many occasions the necklaces give that touch of light and grit to a simple dress, but will this be the case of the bride? Jewels at the neck of a bride are almost always minimal and chic; for the necklaces all this translates into: a string of pearls plus size wedding dresses uk, a light point; a necklace with a small pendant pendant like aquamarine or sapphire.

For the most gritty brides, the choice falls on the lace necklaces that embody the embroidery of the wedding dress in lace or on the necklaces, composed of many stones, also colored. The choice should be calibrated according to the dress looking at both its importance in terms of wealth (a dress too rich in light points does not require many accessories) and its neckline (avoid them for example on the illusion necklaces, halter and asymmetric).

Reflections of light encircling the wrists
Bracelets are less popular than necklaces. They are an ornamental habit much less frequent but it is not rare to find women very faithful to the idea of wanting to adorn their arms.

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a wedding favor inspired by the wedding on the beach

چهارشنبه 5 دی 1397

To conclude, we give you one last point: why not invest a part of your wedding budget in objects that can have more features? Your original wedding favors could be placed on the tables as an alternative idea to wedding place cards high street prom dresses, but also as floral centerpieces.
To do this, rely on a creative florist, who can make colorful flower pots, different for each table or for each guest. The result can only be a riot of colors, perfumes and life, so intense that even the pictures taken will look like roses!
After all, the minimal style, in addition to being very fashionable, is a sign of good taste: on the contrary, the redundancy of decorations that mixes different styles is a sign of confusion. Finally, despite the thrifty use of flowers, it is still possible to create spectacular atmospheres with attention to detail. Just bring flowers, candles, ribbons and cushions alongside the flowers: the price will certainly be more modest compared to an arrangement in which rich floral arrangements are preferred, but the result will not change.

In short ivory bridesmaid, there are many reasons to keep in mind so do not take advantage of the entire capacity, follow our suggestion and you will not regret!
If you agree with us on these essential points then you absolutely must agree on the idea of giving a unique mood to your event. Creating a welcome bag is not enough, so remember to say goodbye to your guests with a wedding favor inspired by the wedding on the beach. This will be the way to match all the details: from wedding invitations to menu choices and entertainment on the beach.

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